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December 8, 2019

How to Prepare for Your Mini Soul Brand Session

Hello Beautiful Soul! I am so excited that you’ve chosen to co create magic with me in the form of soulful, authentic personal branding photos that will connect with your kindred clients.

In my full branding collections, we embark on an entire brand discovery process to dig into your mission, visions, values, and goals so we can determine how to create images that communicate your message and speak to those you want to reach. Over the course of weeks we schedule envisioning and strategy calls, fill out questionnaires, complete creative inspiration and curation exercises, and finalize concepts in a digital worksheet and design brief so we are fully prepared and clear on our intentions. We build a framework so that when you show up and step in front of the camera, you can let it all go and allow the magic to happen.

A mini soul brand session is an opportunity to simplify the process by getting straight to the heart:

You decide how you want to show up.

I capture you in all your radiance.

And your brand gets a spark of your magic.

But in case you’d like a little bit of inspiration as you tune into your creative muse, I’m sharing here some things to help you prepare so that you are able to embody your vision.


What is the most important thing to communicate in these images? Approachability, professionalism, freedom, warmth, creativity, something else?

What do you / your brand stand for? What is your commitment to your clients or audience?

What are some of your underlying values? How do you want to feel? How do you want your clients to feel?

What is your offering? What do you do in the world? How do you want to communicate this?

Who are you as an a person and as the individual behind your brand? How do you want to show up and be seen? How is this different than other photos of you?

These are just some ideas to get your creativity flowing. On the day of the shoot, we’ll start with a brief centering meditation to tune into some of these ideas. Ultimately in the moment, it’s about being present with what’s true for you so we can create some beautiful, authentic images that highlight your radiance.


Is your aesthetic light and bright? Is it vibrant and colorful? Is it more organic or more industrial? Does it make most sense for you to be outside in nature, crossing a city street, sitting on your couch, creating in a studio? Because these photos are environmental, the location we choose will play a significant role in the aesthetic of the photos.


I share a detailed guide on attire and styling props here, which you are free to use for inspiration. When choosing clothing, I often find it helpful to think about your brand’s aesthetic (or desired aesthetic if you are making a shift or starting from square one). Is it polished with a dose of down to earth? Is it fun and dressy? Is it organic and flowy? Is it classic and tailored? Is it bright and colorful, dark and moody, or a range of neutrals?

However, in this shorter session, I encourage you not to overthink it. Let go of any idea of perfection and just wear something that feels good! Add some color or keep it neutral – whatever feels best for YOU. Small prints and patterns don’t always photograph well, but use your own judgment and break the rules if you wish. Have fun, wear something that makes you feel aligned with what you want to communicate in your brand and so very you.

Get your hair and makeup done if you wish, or do it yourself. You definitely want to feel fabulous and confident, but also be sure that it is not too far a deviation outside of everyday you.


Since our session is only about an hour, it’s usually best to keep it as simple as possible. However if there are props that would help illustrate your work such as an instrument, coffee mug, journal, yoga mat + blocks, podcast microphone, treatment table, please bring them along. Feel free to bring your furry friend if you have someone who can assist you! Occasionally it’s helpful to have another individual step in as a client for a few shots. We’ll have to be strategic about this to make sure we stay within our time limit, but often it can be a great addition to really communicate what you do.


Really. I realize it’s cliche, but it’s true. The more comfortable you are, the more your genuine personality will shine through. I’ll be there guiding you the entire way, so while it’s amazing to come in with a vision, I encourage you to be present with yourself in the process. Practice self love. Let go of perfection. Prime yourself to love the photos – this helps you show up more fully and more joyfully! Relax. Let go. Have some fun. And share your magic.



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