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January 10, 2018

All About Albums

I’ll never forget the first time I looked through my grandparents’ wedding album. It was a small white leather album of 4×6 black and white prints tucked into plastic sleeves with white borders to match the cover. I flipped through in awe as I took in this young couple I barely recognized, so in love and full of spunk. I cherish this beautiful heirloom even more that my grandparents aren’t here with us anymore, and I am forever captivated by these photos that seemed to have frozen them in time and left us a powerful legacy.

Photography trends have changed quite a bit over the years, and so have wedding albums. But the significance of having a tangible book full of your wedding photos remains the same. It is an heirloom of your celebration with friends and family, your exchange of vows and the beginning stages of your marriage.

The Classic Album is what most couples choose for their own wedding album and is already built into some of the collections. These 20 spread / 40 page panoramic flush mount books are library bound and printed on the highest quality photo paper. A lustre coating protects it from fingerprints and light moisture. This album comes in a choice between a 10×10 or 12×12 and opens up to lay flat, allowing for panoramic photos and printing through the center. It can be designed in several shades of beautiful leather, fabric, or Japanese silk and has options for imprinting and a cover photo. The classic album is delivered in a white box and wrapped in a soft fabric sleeve for protection.

Companion albums are a great choice for gifts for your parents or grandparents. The pages are slimmer and there are fewer cover choices, but they are available at a more modest price point. Most couples choose to duplicate their own wedding album design, but there are also options to create a custom design. Cover and spine imprinting with your names and wedding date are available, and this album comes in 12×12, 10×10, and 8×8 sizes.

After your wedding, I’ll pre-design your album based on the strongest images of the day. It will tell the story of your wedding chronologically from getting ready, couple + wedding party photos, family photos, ceremony and reception. I’ll choose images that feature the details you spent so much time planning, the candid moments that unfolded throughout the day, and those beautiful classic portraits. We’ll meet at my studio and go through each page of the design together, swapping out images, redesigning spreads, and adding or subtracting spreads until you’re 100% happy with the end result. You’ll have the opportunity to make your cover selection, including having your name and date imprinted and/or including a photo on the cover. Following the approval, I’ll do one more round of retouching and send it off to my lab. Your album will arrive 4-5 weeks later, and I’ll either ship it to you or arrange pickup/delivery. Whichever album you choose, my hope it that it will be a keepsake you and your family cherish for year.



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