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April 5, 2010

Second Shooter Seminar with Veronica Hinojosa | Chicago Wedding Photography

Veronica is one of those people that is kind of quiet when you first meet her.  She listens with a smile on her face as people carry on around her. It’s not that she isn’t engaging in the conversation; in fact, it’s that she’s so in tune with what’s going on that she waits for the right moment to share what she has to say.  And when she does open her mouth, you know it’s gonna be good. Whether it’s the perfect quip, a word of encouragement or one of her many pearls of wisdom, she is someone that always leaves a conversation better than it was before she spoke. She exudes a warmth and humility that is disarming, but delivers with a conviction that leaves an impression.

When Veronica speaks, I listen.  And the joy of those that spend time getting to know V, as we call her, get to experience her laughter, radiance, and insights on a regular basis. Not only has she become a dear friend, but a resourceful voice in the photography community here in Chicago.  Tomorrow night (Wednesday) she will be giving the first session of her two-part Second Shooter Seminar. It is geared towards photographers who are interested in developing and contributing their skills to primary photographers during weddings and portrait sessions.  Whether you want to build your career as a freelancer or gain more experience to eventually start your own business, Veronica will share many of the perks and guidelines of being a Second Shooter.  Veronica has built Hinojosa Photography into a successful and wedding and portrait business over the past five years and credits much of her growth to her years of experience as a second photographer.

In my own journey as a photographer, I can attest to having gained priceless experience and knowledge from the primary photographers who had the patience to pour into me over the past few years in developing my skill. Not only was I able to hone my craft while working with talented photographers such as Brody Wheeler, Daryn Backal, and Kenny Kim, but I had the opportunity to see how a business works from the inside before I took the plunge myself.  They spent time teaching me how to best help them, but I can only imagine how much more value I’d have had to offer from square one had I attended a seminar like this to prepare me how to be the biggest possible asset to the primary photographer. I am so excited to attend tomorrow’s informational meeting, and looking forward to the educational seminar Wednesday, April 14th at 6:30pm.  It’s not too late to register. Come to Calumet Photographic (1111 N. Cherry) in downtown Chicago tomorrow night at 7pm for the  411 and see what it’s all about! Cannot wait to see everyone there!



  1. Great post, Jenn! I am so excited about this seminar! Veronica is absolutely fantastic!! I’m certain she will offer advice as well as resources that will benefit all who attend! Can’t wait!!

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