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Jennifer Kathryn


For as long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by self discovery, personal growth, and connecting with others by sharing our stories. My childhood best friend and I would spend hours on personality quizzes, and when we’d share our results, we were amazed at our vast differences mixed in with peculiar similarities. We’d excitedly ask our other friends how they think and feel about life and just indulge in these conversations for hours. It was this curiosity about the world around me and how others view life that led to me into the arts, music, travel, and then to photography. When I was only 15, I took my first international trip to India, and it forever changed me. Through the viewfinder of my 35mm camera and intentional conversations, I sought to understand the people I met and to tell their stories in 3:2 slices of life. I met so many interesting people and wanted so desperately to find a way to take home the stories I had learned. I had limited understanding and language for my experience, but the images I captured transcended that.

Although I had always been involved in the arts, it wasn’t until after college that I began to discover how photography could be a means in which my creative, sensitive soul could connect with others. To photograph someone - an individual, a couple, a family - is such a personal and intimate experience. As I learned to create an environment for others to just be themselves and share their hearts, the resulting images were such genuine reflections of their personalities and relationships. For me, light, composition and texture became a medium of art to bring out the beauty, strength, and dignity of those I photographed. It was then that I realized I do what I do because I love people and value relationships. And I’m inspired by authentic moments and the honor of telling others' stories visually.

In the past 10 years I have been invited to photograph over 200 weddings across the U.S. and around the world to places such as New York, California, Vermont, Florida, Colorado, Mexico, India, and the Dominican Republic. I've had the opportunity to do branding work for some of Chicago's most impressive small businesses such as The Everygirl, Windy City Live, Corri McFadden, Jayna Cooke, Nate Berkus Associates, Chicago Q, Land of Nod, Bright Pink, Skirt PR, Two Penny Blue, Coach, Vineyard Vines, The Park Hyatt, Jayson Home + Garden, and many others.

I live in Lincoln Park, and you’ll most often find me curled up with my laptop and a cup of coffee or tea, cozied up on the couch with a book, blanket, and wine, devouring travel articles and planning my next trip, or drinking champagne with friends at one of our favorite Chicago restaurants.

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I believe that traveling often, seeking adventures, surrounding myself with beauty, and discovering new things keeps me inspired, passionate, sensitive, and curious about the 
world around me.

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I believe every occasion calls for a glass of champagne, rosé or a craft cocktail, because life is meant to savor and there is always something 
worth celebrating.

A  Well Crafted


I believe that magic happens around tables full of laughter, family style dishes, and authentic conversation, and that there is nothing better than doing life with your dearest friends.



I believe when we cherish diversity, celebrate equality, honor one another's humanity, and seek the divine in each other, we add more love, peace, and grace to the world. 

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I believe sometimes a girl just needs to put on a classic Kate Spade dress and heels to feel confident and beautiful, sophisticated and playful.



I believe stories and photographs help us remember what’s most important in life, that language can unlock joy your heart, and that a photo has the power to change the world.

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