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May 17, 2016

Couple’s Session at the Art Institute of Chicago | Whitney + Vince


My heart is bursting to share this sweet couple’s session at the Art Institute of Chicago! The people aspect of my job has always been my WHY.  The opportunity to connect with individuals and to tell their stories visually, and sometimes, in words is what brings me joy in my work. My artistry is born out of capturing the genuine interactions, emotions, and personalities of my clients. So when those clients become friends and I have the opportunity to photograph them in various seasons in their lives, I feel like I am in the center of what I’m made to do.

Over three years ago, Joan introduced me to one of the warmest, funniest, sweetest couples ever. When Whitney and Vince brought their own bottle of wine to my place for our very first meeting and opened with, “we don’t really trust anyone we can’t drink with,” I suspected we may become friends. We polished off the whole thing as we talked for hours, and they decided within the week they wanted to work with me. Two years ago today, they pledged their love to one another in front of their dearest friends and family, and I captured each moment, my eyes wet with tears. And while it’s not always the case, I am grateful to have remained friends with Whitney and Vince well after their wedding. We’ve killed a few more bottles of wine together and shared many laughs.

When they reached out to do a couple’s session a few months ago, I was thrilled. Whitney and Vince have a pretty amazing love story and a track record of orchestrating some pretty great surprises. What they didn’t tell me about the photo session is that they had another surprise planned. It was a bitter cold February day, and we met inside the Art Institute of Chicago for our shoot. Vince went to check their coats, and when he returned, I started to set up our first shot. I looked through my camera viewfinder and noticed Vince was holding something distracting. I walked over to grab it so it wasn’t in the frame, and then stopped, stunned….it was an ultrasound! They both started laughing as the reveal dawned on me. There is a little baby Fose in the making!

In September, sweet Penelope will grace us with her presence, and I happen to think she hit the jackpot with her parents. I thought today was the perfect day to share this lovely baby reveal session. Happy Anniversary, Whit and Vince, and I can’t wait to meet little Penny! xoxo




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