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January 20, 2015

Rebecca Atwood Designs | New York Career Profile | The Everygirl

9-23-14 Rebecca Atwood@2014 Jennifer Kathryn Photography for The Everygirl

I walked into Rebecca’s Brooklyn design studio and immediately felt it was a place I could spend working all day. Sun poured into the lofted space in Sunset Park through large windows and spilled on an array of fabrics and projects scattered throughout the room. It was the sanctuary of an artist. Rebecca greeted me with warmth and a quiet confidence. As we talked about her progression of running a successful design business over the past two years, her eyes lit up with that spark of an entrepreneur’s spirit. She shared her struggles and her victories with grace and authenticity.

“Ultimately it’s a lot of hard work, but I am much happier charting my own course and feel more engaged with all areas of my life since making this change.”

Don’t you already want to get to know her better? Well grab a cup of coffee and head over to The Everygirl to read more about this talented gal.




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