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January 10, 2011

Thirst Relief Mentor Auction Starts Tonight 8:30 CST

After the wedding I did in India this summer, I decided to extend my stay and I had the opportunity to spend a day photographing the work that Thirst Relief International is doing in India. In several weeks I’ll be sharing fully about my experience (with many more photos to come), but I wanted to make you aware of the Mentor Auction that has just gone LIVE.

Thirst Relief International is an organization with a big vision: to save lives and change the world by providing clean drinking water in villages where disease and death have claimed lives due to contaminated water. In Tanzania, Brazil, Cameroon, Uganda, Haiti, Kenya, and Zambia Thirst Relief is partnering with local organizations to provide bio sand filters. Just $5 can buy a water filter that can provide clean drinking water to a family for life. In India, Thirst Relief is working alongside a non-profit to build wells in various villages that provide water to anywhere from 500 to 3,000 individuals. The cost of digging a well is $1,500.

Each year, Thirst Relief partners with ShootQ and several leaders in the national photography industry to auction off business and photography mentor sessions. While large conferences have their own merit, it has been personal one-on-one conversations with other successful photographers that has propelled me to new levels in my career. If you want to learn more about running your photography business or improving your craft in a one-on-one mentor session with some of the industry’s best, this is your chance! Among the line-up are Jen & Steve Bebb, Mike Colon, Bob and Dawn Davis, Jim and Lara Davis-Hicks (CEO of Thirst Relief), Ron Dawson, Jamie DeLaine, Robert Evans, Dane Sanders, Me Rah Koh, Kevin Kubota, Mike Larson, Anne Ruthman, Jasmine Star, Kevin Swan, Roberto Valenzuela and many more. And at the same time, you’ll be contributing to an organization that is truly making an impact.

The Thirst Relief Mentor Auction begins at 8:30 pm CST January 10, 2011 and runs through January 13th. Click here to start bidding!

You can also help by:

• Donating your FaceBook status to say: “The ThirstRelief Mentor Auction starts TONIGHT: check out “
Donating your Twitter status to say: “The @ThirstRelief Mentor Auction in association with @ShootQ starts TONIGHT: check out PLEASE RT”
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  1. jim davis-hicks

    January 13th, 2011 at 12:26 pm


    We were so blessed to have you take amazing images for us in India! Thank you for helping us and for promoting the auction!

    You should mentor next time!

    You rock!


  2. jenniferkathryn

    January 13th, 2011 at 4:42 pm

    Oh thanks so much, Jim!!! It was truly such an honor to see the work you guys are doing out there. I was blown away by how far reaching Thirst Relief’s impact is. And maybe I will next time! I believe so strongly in what Thirst Relief is doing!

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