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December 25, 2010

Snowy Chicago Christmas Wishes sent from the Big Apple | Hudson Valley, NY

The wine has been poured and the food has been served. Candles have been lit and carols and hymns have been offered in celebration. Stories have been told and laughter has filled the air with holiday spirit. The presents have been pristinely wrapped and placed under the tree, and have since been torn open just as quickly. The dust is settling after a loud and vibrant Christmas Eve with friends, and a more mellow, relaxing Christmas Day with my mom and brother. I smile and count my blessings- those here in New York and miles away in snowy Chicago, the beloved city I have called home for almost a year now. And as abundantly as I have received this past year, I hope that I may be able to give to others the same encouragement, inspiration, and love that has energized me to live life fully. To everyone in my life- those I have known for years, and to all those who’ve come into my life this past year, I am so incredibly thankful for each one of you. And I wish you all a continued joyful celebration of the holiday season as you head into a new year!


This year I felt it important to give the gift of photography to my family. Over Thanksgiving, my mom and brother came to visit me in Chicago, and I ended up on the other side of the camera with them for a change. Huge thanks to my dear friend, Jaclyn Simpson (who else?!) for doing an abbreviated family session with us. She deserves an award for being so patient!! This is one of the images that is now prominently displayed in my mom’s living room.



  1. Danny Mendoza

    December 26th, 2010 at 1:27 am

    Merry Christmas Jenn! What a great looking family! Continue to LIVE IT UP!

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